Knowledge Management & Engagement Solution for a Distributed Workforce Business

All in One Employee App.
Employee App is an specially designed for Corporates, that combines the power of an LMS with the utility of a Messaging App. Employee App helps in easy publishing of all your Training courses on mobile, as well as in helping Managers, Trainers and Employees to engage with each other.
Training, Collaboration & Communication on the go.
Centralized Course Repository
One place for all your training courses & content.
Easily upload your courses and varied content including videos, documents, images, tests on Employee App, and make it easily accessible to all your Trainers across locations. Publish updates at one place, which gets reflected instantaneously to all Trainers making change management and communication simple and efficient.
Standardized Training
Deliver standardized training at scale.
Trainers across geographies could refer to the same course content and lesson plans to standardize delivery in their ongoing training. As they all are always abreast of any modifications & updates made in Courses / content, it efficiently helps them to just focus on instruction delivery.
Better Engagement
Improved training outcomes and employee engagement.
Each employee now would have their individual training app which would have their Training Course Content right on their mobile and messaging features, through which they would have access to the Trainers / Experts with whom they can ask doubts and clarify questions as and when they arise on the field.
Take Better Decisions
Improved monitoring & decision making.
With rich data and analytics always available with Managers and Trainers, monitoring training-effectiveness and employee engagement & performance becomes a breeze. Multi-dimensional data could be leveraged to make progressive improvements in course design, delivery, and overall planning..
What Employee one Offers?
Employee one offers unique combination of platform, technology & services to help you upgrade training management & delivery in your organization.
  • Easily create Department Groups to organize communication between you and your Trainers whether co-located or distributed.
  • Manage your Course content more efficiently, Improve course design and content with the power of data driven feedbacks and improve content delivery by integrating micro-delivery design process.
  • Monitor more effortlessly, and become highly productive using Employee App's data tools. Now you can monitor different locations and ongoing trainings much more effortlessly and measure ROI much faster, which you can use for progressive improvements in content, processes, and people.
  • Easily access all your training courses on mobile for seamless delivery in and outside the classroom. Publish assessments or additional content easily without the need of printing material, and (in case of assessments) spending time in evaluating scores.
  • Easily create Training Groups, adding the power of remote-monitoring and engagement post training completion. Improved engagement and communication outside the classroom reduces the need of repeated classroom sessions, as well as helps in drastically improving training outcomes.
  • Improve training quality with precise data and analytics helping provide individual employees whenever needed. Be constantly in touch with your HQ / Managers to resolve any doubts and improve your knowledge base more efficiently.
  • Personal training app becomes an ideal supplement for face-to-face training. You can participate in a live group discussion or send individual queries to your Trainer / Expert for easy resolution.
  • Anytime / Anywhere access to training material, helping you with the ability to brush up information / knowledge on-the-go.
  • Reduced dependency on physical interactions helps improve in overall engagement and faster resolution to your doubts, giving you constant access to experts without the need for waiting for subsequent classroom session.