End-to-end digital backend for Small or Large Institutions to transform their Academic Operations, and Online Course Delivery
Leaders / Administrators
Decision Support system, to assist in everyday Operations Management, Monitoring, Planning, and Automation
  • Standardize Teacher Quality Easily setup, and monitor, Instruction planning and delivery for individual Teachers
  • Teacher & Student Attendance Easily take, and track, student / teacher attendance and / or any other field data
  • Comprehensive Classroom Analytics Track Teacher / Class progress and performance, and intervene in real-time
  • Student Dashboards Monitor Student / Class progress and compare that with established Milestones
Designed for Productivity enhancement of instructors - having all class schedules, course content, communication, and much more
  • High Quality Course Content Easy in-app access to Videos, Notes, Assessments, structured in order for standardized instruction.
  • Classroom / Student Analytics Access to important progress and performance data to provide personalized response
  • Teacher Helpdesk Access to Experts to take inputs, guidance, or content for specific students and / or entire class
  • Out-of-Class Communication Send alerts, notifications, reminders, resolve queries, anything, via in-app chat tool
Single, mobile-first, interface, to access all course content, assessments, everyday updates, & communicate with instructors / administrators
  • All Course Content in one-App Provide Students with single, digital, access to all content, - internal or external.
  • Broadcast Easily receive updates / notifications / reminders.
  • Online Quizzes and Tests Simple setup and conduction of Assessments.
  • Doubt resolution Chat utility for Students to ask Questions and for Teachers to answer them.
  • Peer Benchmarking / Analytics Easily track Performance, and Course progress.