Multiple Govt Organizations /NGOs working towards spreading awareness - in areas like hygiene, Environment issues, cleanliness, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and so on, - can benefit from our Outreach Bots to more efficiently train and build volunteer / trainer network(s).
The Challenge

Most of the nonprofits work in rural and geographies away from their headquarters. It is a constant challenge to mobilize teams, train, and remotely support the program delivery at the local level. Besides, for those nonprofits, working in the field of education, or in other knowledge / information dissemination domains the challenge is to leverage Technology to maximize impact.

The Solution

Our Platform can assist nonprofits to easily bundle their program manuals, presentations, eBooks, or any other Outreach Program material, into rich media, interactive, modules. As these are accessible via any device (Mobile / Tab / PC), they can easily be then accessed anywhere, anytime, reducing the cost and operational overheads and maximizing impact to provide scaled up knowledge delivery.