Training Companies, Organizations, Coaches, Domain Experts, can provide highly personalized Course Bots to act as Supplements to their Offline / Online Program Delivery.
The challenge

Traditional LMSs are not very engaging or interactive. The usage of LMSs - both from admins as well as learners - overall is not high. Organizations, Coaches, Training Companies or others, looking to publish partial or complete Online Courses do not have technology support to ably engage (remote) learners. The other challenge is the cost of Video production that most organizations face, in the absence of which the content is not self-engaging.

The solution

Our Platform offers all the capabilities of a traditional LMS, adding features to use Audio instruction as baseline. With text-to-speech converter along with ability to easily add expert audio, it makes it much simpler and cost effective to quickly create rich instruction on top of existing PPTs. Chatbots make it highly engaging for the learner, without adding any overheads for the Admins. Access on all kinds of Devices, ensures accessibility along with increased engagement.